Swiftspeed Appstore is a software application market loaded with quality mobile applications available on Android smartphones, IPhones, Ipad, PC Tablets, Tv's and so on. 

It is a subsidiary of the world best Free Appmaker; Free Appcreator "Swiftspeed Appcreator". The major aim of the store is to help, developers and resellers display their apps at no additional signup fee or cost at all and thereby assisting end user to have unrestricted access to quality mobile application that aid day to day activities. 

Since our main objective is to provide a safer software environment for end users; our Team exercise due dilligence and do a double verification from different sources to ensure apps or software are safe for consumption. Note that none of these contents or apps are hosted on our server, In many occasions apps are hosted by their respective and trusted sources such as GOOGLE PLAY, APPLE APPSTORE, SAMSUNG GALAXY STORE. We attached a verification icon of these app market at the top of each app to certify their readiness for installation. 

Isn't it great to have apps from many sources than just one?  Let's get started.