LaLiga Top Cards 2020 - Soccer Card Battle Game


LaLiga Top Cards 2020 - Soccer Card Battle Game

Game Description

⚽ LaLiga Top Cards is the first collectible football cards game ⚽

Download for free LaLiga Top Cards game and you will be able to collect football cards of your favorite players and become the best football team in the world.

Create the best football team possible with the players in your card deck. Create the best alignment, play with strategy and compete with your friends in this exciting football game, where you can collect the cards of your favorite players and create a dream football league team. Enter the battle to decide who is the best football collector!

LaLiga Top Cards 2020 is the newest Spanish football collectible card-style game. Enter epic card battles and be sure to arise as the best player on the game! If you like mobile football games and card games, we got you covered!

How to play LaLiga Top Cards 2020?

- Collect the cards of the official football players of LaLiga Santander.
- Get more cards and level up your favorite football players.
- With your card deck, create the best team of football players possible to play football card battles online against other LaLiga Top Cards players.
- Set the best line-up and use the right tactic for each opponent.
- There are different game modes with different rewards. Choose yours!
- Once the football matches are over you will earn rewards. You can play a mini-game to get more football players cards.
- Merge cards to improve attack, pass and defense stats.
- Get the players cards of all the football teams of LaLiga Santander.

Game modes