Grid Hero


Grid Hero

Game Description

When the ancient evil god has risen from the underground, darkness enveloped the entire world. The evil forces turned the fertile earth into wasteland! People's hope fell upon a chosen one! Welcome to the wasteland, Adventurer. Now, your legend has begun.

A JOURNEY OF MUD ADVENTURE —— Grid Hero is a creative and stimulating MUD game. It uses words rather than pictures to tell the story of a hero who is trapped in an enormous dungeon.

MASSIVE EQUIPMENT COMBINATIONS TO BUILD —— A various range of equipment sets can help you to enhance your attributes. Fight for the legendary loot, Adventurer!

ROGUELIKE MAZE EXPLORATION —— Hazardous Colosseum contains unknown challenges, choosing the opportunity or facing the difficulties. It all depends on you.

OPTIONAL PLAYABLE CLASSES WITH UNIQUE SKILLS —— There are three classes in the game: warrior, mage, and ranger. Start your own journey with the class you prefer. Go and find the ancient skill books left all over the dungeon.

STIMULATING REAL-TIME BATTLE —— The real-time battle is an excellent way to test your capabilities! You can enjoy the thrill of competition and the glory of victory by competing against other players.