Revenge of Hero: 2D Platform Action Shooter Games.


Revenge of Hero: 2D Platform Action Shooter Games.
  • CategoryAction
  • Requirements1.0
  • File SizeJune 25, 2021
  • Update
  • DeveloperMaxi Pro Games
  • PlatformAndroid

Game Description

Download our metal shooter platform action game! Now is the time for action. Move forward,shoot and fight! Our hero fights against soldiers, bandits and robots in this metal action war game.

Exciting and action-packed battle awaits you. The city is in ruins in this amazing city war game. Houses were destroyed, enemies surrounded. A hero appears and fights against the enemies.

If you like Platform war games or action Metal Platform Shooter games, this action platform game is for you.

Metal wars genre and moving to the right, Platform games have now become classic games. We think that those who know games in this action category will download this game immediately.

In our platform action war game, you have enough bullets at each level. And you have 10 lives. In the new style action game, you can advance on war-torn and broken houses and move on various platforms.

With the easy-to-use touch screen joystick, you can move right from the platform and climb the stairs. You can collect gold and coins on the roads. You can shoot the enemies with the gun fire button. And you can also jump from platforms with the jump button.

We present this action game to your liking with its interesting graphics and music. You can think of the first 20 levels as pilot levels. As you support us, we will continue to produce new levels.

Enjoy passing the levels with your fast-moving arcade-style hero in Action Platform Metal Shooter games. Come on download our game and help the hero.

The first level in the metal action game is the learning and training level. A few levels are easy, but in the next levels, the soldiers and bandits die hard and the war game becomes more difficult.

We will continue to improve our metal shooter platform war game in the future. New levels will feature new enemies, challenging targets, helicopters and tanks. We will continue to improve and update our game as your demands increase.