• CategoryMusic
  • Requirements4.4 and up
  • File Size33M
  • Update
  • DeveloperRoger Pollard
  • PlatformAndroid

Game Description

melod allows you to play along with a wide selection of music from a variety of genres. Included are 25+ completely free-to-play songs from various independent artists, along with additional songs for purchase.

There are two types of instrumentals to play: "Melody" and "Rhythm"! Be warned: "Rhythm" mode adds a fifth "bass pedal" note that drastically increases the level of difficulty. Charts reflect the notes of the song, and your part drops if you miss notes. Explore the inner machinations of the music in the game!

You can play the game on "Chill" or on "Challenge" mode. "Chill" gives an easier, relaxing experience, while "challenge" gives the full experience, pushing your music-gaming skills as far as they can go.

Along with the free experience, you can also purchase a "melodx" subscription, which gives you access to a selection of playable songs that will develop over time. Other songs can be purchased individually.