Video Joiner


Video Joiner

Application Description

Wondering why should you have video joiner? The obvious reasons could be

• Interactive layout
• Sophisticated pattern
• Spectacular user designs

Ever since the fervor of watching video clips over smart phones emerged, the need to have shortest and quickest possible files touched other horizons. This is why the ever rising need of such a video joiner merged that could combine videos from end to end. Things don’t end here at all, in Video Joiner Application; our developers have added number of interactive features that should let you have this in your smart phone. Let’s go through these in detail.

Auto Scaling
For the videos having any aspect ratio, the auto scaling feature of this app would resize any frame into the same ratio. So be it the videos from Vimeo, Vevo, YouTube or any other source. It can easily adjust screens.

Manual Queuing
Say you want to re arrange the auto selected queue of videos. With the long tap you can shuffle the queue and re-arrange the most desired and undesired video at start or at the end.

Background Audio Change
Say you want to replace the audio of the selected video; this can be done easily by using our app. Now you can replace the audio of the video with the video you want. All you need to do is to select video and from options select the audio and the file shall be there in the joined video.

Number of Videos
Neither one nor two, by using our video joiner application, the maximum number of videos you can join is 5.

Social Sharing
Once the videos are combined, you can then share those on all popular channels like Facebook, WhatsApp or to any of your friends. Sharing made via this application is as easy as pealing peanuts.

Grid View
Instead of hunting out from laborious list out patterns, we have rather kept procedures simple by introducing simplified grid view in this application. Now scrolling down to your favorite video from the list is as easy as pulling out hair from yogurt.

Easy and Engaging Layout
Unlike many of android applications, layout of our video joiner application is really simple. With the single click and easy scrolls, you can pull up things easily.

Fasted Processing Time
Are you tired of waiting for hours and hours to get your videos joined? If this is so, then try video joiner application and combine end to end videos without any hassle.

Video Cropping
Don’t want to add long videos? No problem! Our developers have made it easy for you to crop the portion you want and avoid all the unnecessary junk.