BlockerX - Porn Blocker,Quit Porn & Do Safe Search


BlockerX - Porn Blocker,Quit Porn & Do Safe Search

Application Description

?80 Million+ Distracting Content Blocked till date
?Tips & tricks from experts on ways to get better
?1Million+ Porn Free Users Globally.
?Available In 63+ Languages Including
?Community Of Like Minded People To Help You Quit Porn
?Calling & texting peers for support and motivation

BlockerX is an effective porn website filter for Android phones. It can also help you keep kids away from adult content by enforcing safe search on major search engines. Porn sites / adult content sites are completely blocked, helping you to be productive.

Main features of BlockerX????


Porn blocker????

The porn blocking functionality blocks all types of adult content with the click of a button. If you want to block specific websites or apps, you can further use the app blocker / website blocker functionality.

Quit Porn & Go Fapless????

BlockerX provides all kinds of support to users who are in their fapless journey.
If your goal is being fapless or no pmo for 90 days, then BlockerX can be a great tool as it can help you stay off porn without depending on your will power. This app can help you to ensure a fap free November.

Word blocker

Different people get “triggered” by different kinds of content. This feature is very useful for people who want to block specific words from their browsers and apps. For example, if you want to block the word/phrase “adult video”, you can block it and any web page containing this word/phrase will be automatically blocked.

Website blocker

This functionality blocks specific websites that you get distracted by. You can enter the domain name of the website for it to be blocked. Website blocker functionality is very useful in your fapless journey and quitting porn addiction.

Safe search & Block Porn????

By default, the app also enforces safe search. Safe search ensures that adult content is filtered in search engines like Google, Bing etc. This also enforces restricted mode in Youtube which filters adult videos on Youtube.

App blocker To Quit porn

App blocking can help you to block apps that you find distracting like Instagram, Whatsapp, Youtube etc. Apps added to the blocklist will not be accessible.


BlockerX has an active community of people who are on a similar path of quitting porn. You can call & message peers to get support and encouragement on your fapless journey.You can also post to the entire community. The community helps users fight their porn addiction habit together.

Accountability partner????

Quitting porn can indeed be very difficult on your own. Hence, we team you up with a friend of yours, called an accountability partner. Your friend helps you stay accountable to your goals.

Prevent uninstall?

The most common problem with porn blocker apps is that they can be turned off easily. With BlockerX, you can’t uninstall unless permitted by your accountability partner.
This feature makes the blocker effective and helps overcome porn addiction without depending on willpower. This functionality requires device administrator permission (BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN).

Articles & videos (resources)????

Do you want to know more about porn addiction and how to quit it?
Don’t worry, we have experts who write about such topics like: dealing with urges, quitting porn, why porn is so addictive etc. This section not only provides knowledge on porn addiction, but also provides practical tips in quitting porn addiction.

Other important permissions required by the app:
Accessibility services : This app uses the accessibility service permission (BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE) to block adult content websites & enabling safe search.
System alert window: This app uses the system alert window (SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW) to show a block window over adult content/blocked websites.
Install BlockerX - porn blocker & protect yourself or your child from adult content.