Surge Now for Uber


Surge Now for Uber
  • CategoryAuto & Vehicles
  • Requirements4.4W and up
  • File Size4.1M
  • Update
  • DeveloperYuddi
  • PlatformAndroid

Application Description

Track surge prices at the most important location: The place where you are.

Experienced drivers know that it is not worth chasing surge rates in distant locations because he wastes time and fuel going there, and when he finally arrives the surge simply disappeared.

On the other hand, you will find it useful to know all the time the current surge multiplier where you are. The app will notify you when a surge price is detected.

The "battery saver" feature will ensure that Surge Now will not drain your phone's battery. By enabling this feature, the app will take advantage of location data requested by other applications, such as the GPS app or any rideshare app, making it lightweight to use while you work.

IMPORTANT: This application requires authorization through an Uber account in order to obtain surge data from Uber. However, this is NOT an official Uber application. Surge Now and its creators are not affiliated with Uber. Uber is not responsible for any product offered by Surge Now.

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