SuperCook: Recipes By Ingredient


SuperCook: Recipes By Ingredient

Application Description

SuperCook finds amazing recipes you can make, right now, with the ingredients you already have at home.

Find recipes you never thought to search for!

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???? Your Home Menu - personalized based on ingredients you have ????????
???? Manage your pantry using your voice ????
???? 1 Million + recipes ????
???? 1,500 + sites covered ????
???? Shopping List that talks to your pantry ????
???? Powerful natural language search ????
???? Filters and Diets to discover the perfect dish ????
???? Collect, save and search your favorites ?

Recent reviews

"I put 35 ingredients in ranging from spices to meat, and it gave me over 1,000 recipes!"

"Whenever I think I don't have anything to make, this app proves me wrong."

"This app is amazing, now I just buy whatever is on sale in my grocery shops and the app tells me what to do."

"I have loved using this app. It has made the 'what's for dinner' question a hell of a lot easier to answer. "

"So helpful! Instead of standing FOREVER with the fridge door open after a long day of work and having no idea what to make...then making a mediocre meal...I just hop on here and find things that actually look good. I'm always surprised at the possibilities using what we already have. Will hopefully save us money to boot."

Created by NY native Assaf Rozenblatt to help strengthen the fight on food waste