Looka - Find Family & Friends


Looka - Find Family & Friends

Application Description

Looka is a powerful location tracking app that allows you to get the most accurate results. Looka has a user-friendly interface, you can follow your kids easily. Looka uses the latest GPS tracking technology and enables:

• Track your kids via phone book
• See the location of your children on a map in real-time
• Keep your security at the highest level: You can block your friends at any time.
• Get direction to your kids location instantly with one tap
• Track the location of a stolen or lost phone

How to use Looka

•To use the app, you can install the app then sign up.
•To add a friend, you need to enter their phone number or select it from the phone book.
•When a request approved you can see their live location on the map
•You must have an active internet connection to use Looka.
•You need to allow access to both your and your kids' geolocation from the settings to use Looka