Find My Family - GPS Location Tracker


Find My Family - GPS Location Tracker

Application Description

Find My Family - GPS Location Tracker App helps you locate your family members on the map. mLite tracker is a family control app that allows you to connect with your family and children.

Find My Family - GPS Location Tracker app offers the following functionality:

?? You can easily check the real-time GPS location of each family members every time such a necessity occurs.

?? Receive alerts when family leaves or arrives a place. mLite family location tracker allows you to create virtual location safety zones(Geo-Fencing) on the map and will show you notification when they enters or leaves the zone. Of course knowing that your child went directly to training after school helps you save some nerves!

??Know the history of your family members' whereabouts during the day.

??Add an alarm button on your family members' phones for emergency cases. By just one button tap on their phone, you can be notified that the situation requires your immediate attention. GPS tracker will show you exact location of the tracked family phone right away. Call back quickly to help your beloved ones.

??Contact list monitoring is a parental feature that has been developed with purpose of helping parents know who their kids communicate with and paying closer attention to those who they don’t know personally.

?? View the list of apps installed on the tracked phone* . Check games your kids are playing and the applications they use. Make sure there is no dangerous or forbidden content.
* If the tracked phone is as iPhone the features marked with * will not be available.

- Find My Family - GPS Location Tracker app offers packages for a number of devices, with monthly periods each.

1) install Find My Family - GPS Location Tracker app on your phone;
2) choose what child’s device you want to connect.

?? Find My Family - GPS Location Tracker app supports both iOS and Android phones. It does not matter whether you have Android and members of your family have iPhones. You can connect both devices easily, Android to Android, Android to iPhone and iPhone to Android.

Find My Family - GPS Location Tracker app is intended for family safety and parental control only. The app can not be installed on the cell phone without your child’s knowledge, the use is available only with the explicit consent of the child. Personal data is stored in strict accordance with legislation and GDPR policies.

Find My Family - GPS Location Tracker app asks for the following permissions:
– access to the camera and photo – to scan QR code on the child's device for device linking ;
– access to contacts - to fill in the phone book.

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