XOXO - Chat & Make New Friends


XOXO - Chat & Make New Friends

Application Description

An inclusive dating app for open-minded people that leaves behind the suffocating gender-age-sexuality-body type filters for a gamified experience of getting to know others through their personalities.

A social network and a game as much as a dating app, XOXO allows you to meet even more people: not just who you thought you would like but who we think you might like.

Through a quiz, look deep into your mind and heart with us. Discover yourself through a cute virtual totem that helps people see you from new angles. Use our estimate of your mental age as a different way to describe yourself. Get to know people of all backgrounds, genders, sexualities, and appearances that you can connect on another level with. Dive into group activities with like-minded people and become a part of the community. Build new experiences at the intersection of romance, sex, friendship, and camaraderie. Play through our challenges and show off your achievements.

No Filters
We do not intend filtration settings for your feed by gender, sexuality, age, or otherwise, so you could meet more people that we think you might like.

A cute avatar suggested as part of our quiz represents your personality type and is fully customizable, lets other people see you from new angles to get to know you even better.

No Age Line
We do not require you to share your age but rather ballpark your “mental age” as part of the quiz—don’t you think that could be a more interesting description point?

No Reject Button
There is no traditional button for rejecting people—as we could all do with a little bit less explicit negativity in our lives.

Tasks, XP, and Badges
We propose a track of individual tasks rewarded with XP gains and badges to help you familiarize yourself with both the community and the environment.

Our “totally scientific” onboarding quiz looks deep into your mind and heart so you could discover yourself and meet more people like you.

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