Star Chart AR


Star Chart AR

Application Description

Star Chart AR lets you explore the Earth in Augmented Reality through the window of your phone's screen. All in real time!

*** ARCore compatible device required to experience AR Modes ***

Included in Star Chart AR are:
- AR Earth - the Earth beautifully rendered in realtime for AR viewing
- AR Orrery - the solar system including the sun, planets, major moons, dwarf planets, asteroid & kuiper belts, and major asteroids (available as an in-app upgrade)

Star Chart AR is best experienced with ample room and good lighting. We like to view it outdoors when scaled to maximum size or on a large clear table when scaled down.

Move your device in a circular motion while looking at the surface you would like the device to detect. An overlay will appear on the detected surface and fade out after a few seconds. Tap to place the AR object on a detected surface.

Controls are:
- Tap to place the AR object
- Pinch to scale the AR object
- Two finger tap to go back

* A list of ARCore supported devices can be found here: