Bolt Riders App


Bolt Riders App

Application Description

The FREE Bolt™ Riders App is designed for riders to track their rides, capture riding memories and access all rides in a single album. The Bolt Riders App auto-curates rides stories from accurate tracked data which can viewed by other riders on the platform or can be shared easily on social media. For every ride tracked, the rider earns #BoltUnits" which can be exchanged for exciting discounts on the Bolt Store.

We understand the importance of ride related memories to riders and have a design that seamlessly captures your memories while working in the background even without internet connectivity.

How it works?
1. Create your rider profile - Login via Facebook or Google to create your account on the app. You can edit your details in the profile section.

2. Track all your rides - Next time you go on a ride, use the Bolt Riders App to track it. The app works in the background and has smart algorithms to know when you halted and when you were riding. The app is designed to track ride in offline mode. Once your ride is complete (even if its after multiple days), just click on Stop Ride.

3. Add memories to your ride – During halts / pit-stops, the app prompts you to add images, videos, audio logs or notes, to attach memories to your ride.

4. Get a ride story for every ride - The Bolt Riders App accurately tracks your ride parameters like route taken, total ride distance, ride time & idle time, .average speed and pit-stops to auto curate a ride story complete with memories attached by you.

5. Earn #BoltUnits with every ride tracked – Earn BoltUnits as you ride and exchange them for exciting discounts on the Bolt Store. After 7 day you need to upgrade to premium account to continue earning BoltUnits with every ride.

6. Upgrade to premium account to continue earning #BoltUnits – The best way to upgrade is by purchasing the Bolt hardware to charge your phone on your motorcycle. This ensures you do not miss a single opportunity to earn BoltUnits. Visit to upgrade.

Other Features:
- See the latest rides tracked on the app in the Latest Rides section.

- Start chats with riders tracking rides and see all your chats in My Ride Chats

- View all the rides you have tracked in My Ride History

- Share any story with your friends or on social media with the click of a button.

- See riders near your location in Riders Around Me section.

- Follow riders to grow your rider network. View your rider network in the My Rider Network section.

- Get an official Ride Certificate, for your memorable long multi-day rides!

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