Auto Catalyst Market app


Auto Catalyst Market app

Application Description

AutoCatalyst Market is the catalytic converters catalog ?1 in the World!

Our catalytic converters price app provides a huge base where you can:
• Buy or sell your scrap catalytic converters in different regions: from the USA and Canada to Europe and China.
• Find out the accurate cost of catalyst, based on platinum, palladium and rhodium quotes.
• Easy search for catalyst by the serial number or car model.
• See the most complete car catalyst specifications as car brand, car model, manufacturer, monolith type, body metal, etc.
• Monitor the scrap catalyst price changes.
• Accurately determine the value using the recycling calculation table.
• Create your own catalytic converter lists and provide shared links to them. provides the lists of 28000+ catalysts with 50000+ photographs.
It is daily increased with new catalytic converter models, photographs, and technical specifications that will be useful for your work.
We provide a price list for automobile catalysts of all auto brands, such as Ford, BMW, GM, Toyota, Nissan, Chevrolet, Honda, etc. All prices are based on the exact composition of precious metals in the catalysts.

How the AutoCatalyst Market website and mobile app works:
1. To sell a catalyst, find the serial number indicated on its body.
2. Enter this number in the app search bar
3. Find out the right value of used catalyst, depending on Pt, Pd, Rh quotes.
4. In the Buyers list see the partners in your region for a profitable sale or recycling of failed catalysts.

The cost of the catalyst is based on the utilization price: The number of pt/pd/rh precious metals is multiplied by the cost of metals (taken from the Kitco exchange) and by the monolith weight. Then from the price are deducted:
• manufacturing recycling costs;
• 1% moisture;
• losses during metal refining;
• logistics costs.
Catalyst Buyers in each country/region announce their purchase price based on our catalog prices with a deduction of about 5%-30%, depending on the market situation and on the batch size.

If you are buyer of scrap catalytic converters then we offer you to register in our catalog! Your Buying catalyst company will appear in the Buyers list for potential customers in your area (in the catalyst search results) if you have at least one active monthly subscription. In addition, a monthly subscription will provide you with a customized web page to promote your business and easily get new clients!

AutoCatalyst Market has been operating since 2005. We started our activity in the automotive catalyst market with assembly, preparation for refining, and analysis of automotive catalysts in the European market.
A solid team and strong management is the key to effective and quality work. This allows us to occupy leading positions in information component of the market.
The company has gained extensive experience in the processing industry and has compiled a complete catalog of catalytic converters. It also invests in equipment for the processing, X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) analysis, and recycling of catalysts.