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Swiftspeed Appstore is an application market loaded with quality mobile application available on Android smartphones, Tablets, Tv's and so on. 

It is a subsidiary of the world best Free Appmaker; Free Appcreator "Swiftspeed Appcreator". The major aim of the store is to help, developers and resellers display their apps at no additional signup fee or cost at all. 

If you wish to submit an application on our store, its pretty simple however you should note that our team will only publish application deem to have met all of our developer guildlines and policies. If you're lucky to have your app publish on google play then it will undergo no further review, kindly paste the playstore url link below. If however your app isn't on Google play send the following to below email;


  • App name 
  • Short and Long description 
  • App details 
  • Apk file 
  • Copyright proof if available 
  • Google play store link if available 
  • App icon and screenshots. 

Our team will review your submission and if all requirements are met your app will be published within 7 Business days. Note there'd be no need for a review if your application is already on google play, just paste the link in the box below and your application will be live in few hours.